Hello there! I’m Moataz Anany, an IT Solutions Engineer living and working in Egypt. I’ve acquired my B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering in 2004.

Since then, I’ve worked for a number of start-ups and big players in the field. I currently work at IBM.

I spent most of my professional life doing software development under Linux; sometimes native applications using C/C++ but often web-based applications using open-source Java EE technologies. I’m a Linux and Open-source software fanatic.

While doing my job, my first and foremost mission is to deliver business value to customers.

Current in-field interests include solution/application architecture and design (particularly highly-scalable Java-based internet applications), consulting, and business analysis. I love taking on challenges — especially those that can keep my brain gears spinning for days.

Out-of-band interests include entrepreneurship, trance music, and writing.

I also have a lovely little family — a loving wife and a cute little daughter.


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7 01 2010
S Kotrappa

I like the article on Pragmatic program Design, it was very useful and appropriate .

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